Is Your Corporate Identity Missing the Mark?

A proven track record of success and quality services are the main attraction to your business, but a stale and out dated image can hurt your potential to convey that message to your potential customers. When was the last time you updated your corporate identity package? Is it time to consider a fresh look? Take a quick survey to discover if it’s your time to refresh your marketing materials and image.

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  • Does your marketing collateral (business cards, brochures, stationery, website, etc.) have different looks?
  • Has it been more than 3 years since you updated your marketing material?
  • Are you promoting your business with marketing materials that you printed from an office copier?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, it is time to update your marketing collateral.  Lack of attention to your business’s image and appearance may cause more “harm than good” to your sales and reputation.

An effective corporate identity package positions your brand consistently across several media avenues. The look and feel of your collateral should always be consistent and presented with a common appearance that will attract customers and make them feel comfortable doing business with you.

Just like our names, your logo is the identity of your business. It is not the brand. A customer should be able to instantly know who you are and what you do by looking at your logo and marketing materials. What they see must clearly identify your business and communicate professionalism and trust.

High quality custom printing and stationary in Virginia

Your corporate identity package includes your logo, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, brochures, pocket folders, website, ads and social media.  Components of an identity package include:

  • Typefaces/Fonts
  • Color Palette
  • Skillfully Designed Logo
  • An appealing tagline and/or
  • Concise message you want to convey to about your business

If you have caught yourself admiring marketing materials in your industry, its highly probable that your prospective clients have taken notice as well. Don’t settle for a stale, outdated image that doesn’t create a positive memory of or represent your excellence. Allow us to help you re-create or revive your important marketing collateral to M’Press.

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